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A Little Bit About Me

All About Fitness

I introduce myself, my name is Jose Fabra, I'm from Spain concretely from Valencia. Sport has always been a very important part of my life since I was born, mainly swimming and fighting sports, I always had a good reference, in this case my father. 


Thanks to him I studied the degree of sports sciences at the Catholic University of Valencia that together with my Erasmus experiences, courses and seminars I have been able to become a professional in physical activity and health.


My mission is very clear, to help you achieve your physical, aesthetic or health goals.


The way of my work is absolutely personalized, each person is a different world, so I am going to adapt to you, so that you can achieve your aimed goals. Once you choose a training plan I will send you a personalized questionnaire to know more about you. I will ask you about the following:

  • Percentage of your body fat

  • Weight

  • Blood test results

  • Work schedules

  • Favourite meals, foods and what you don't like

  • Training schedules

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