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T. S

José is an excellent professional , he knows how to achieve the goal you have set for yourself and he knows how to motivate you. I have been working with him for a few years and, he made me like sports like never before. I am obtaining incredible results! Fully recommended.

A. C

I have been training with José for 1 year and the truth could not be happier. In each session we look for my limits but without exceeding them, worrying at all times about my state. In addition to helping me in my weight loss goal, he also cares that I release stress and have an emotional balance.

His functional training sessions really adapt to me and things that were impossible for me in my first month now I do them without problems, the improvements in my physical condition are really evident. At the time of arranging the sessions it adapts perfectly to my schedules and has never failed me

M. S

My name is Miguel, I preffer not to say why I was weighing 130kg, but I'm going to explain how it influenced my health. I started to have breathing problems, my fat was oppressing my lungs, my blood tests were showing fat problems, fatty liver, pre-diabetes but the worst, I couldn't play with my son.


Two years later, my life is completely different without any doubt, and improving day by day. I feel younger with more energy, stamina, healthy, my blood test are better than ever. Im happy with my results and happy how I'm improving and healthier now with my "fortysomeyears" than in my thirties. Thank you very much José.


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Budapest, Hungary

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